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Takach Paper Purveyor of fine art papers for printmaking and bookbinding. Takach offers wholesale prices to the public, can special order, and ships worldwide. 2020 Price List:

Siegel Leather

Siegel leather provides great service and great product at great prices. Sign up for the email list to get notifications on the best deals. Great attention to detail, and historical accuracy balanced with modern environmental concerns. Check out the reference section...

Shepherds, Sangorski & Sutcliffe

One of the oldest binderies in London, this firm does binding, conservation and repair work and trains apprentices in partnership with several Royal organizations and guilds. The bindery will accept appointments and their professionals teach classes. Their legacy...

Bookbinders Chronicle

One of the best collections of how-to videos for bookbinding available on YouTube. Check it out! (And don't worry when you don't hear sound.)